2012 Outings

January Pack Forest.  Pack Forest Center Bulletin Jan-2012   Pack Forest Photos

February: Stevens Pass snow cave  Stevens Pass Snow Caves Outing    Snow shelters manual   Snow Cave Photos

March: Kayak Point,   Outing – Kayak Pointy County Park    Historian’s report  KAYAK POINT Historian report  Kayak Point Photos

April: Fay Bainbridge bike   Fay Bainbridge Bike Camp 4-2012     Bike Route.pdf    Historian’s Report  The Bike Hike At BAMBRIDGE historians report

May: Camporee  camporee bulletin 2012   Camporee Photos

June: Wenberg park Canoe Wenberg Canoe Outing June 2-3 2012   Wenberg Photos AND   Wanatchee-River-Rafting 2012   Rafting Photos

July  Camp Parsons.  Photos

August: Lake Roosevelt  Lake Roosevelt Canoe   Canoe Photos

September: Lake Valhalla backpack,  Lake Valhalla Trip Bulletin 9-2012   This hike was changed to Baker Lake as there was too much smoke from forest fires.  Therefore it is eligible for use within the 7 year rotation period.

October: Cooper Lake  Cooper Lake Bulletin 10_20_12 b

November: Rasar St. Park  Rasar Park Bulletin 11-10-2012

December: Camp Parsons Parsons Service Bulletin 2012

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