2013 Outings

January Deception Pass Outing January 2013

February Meany Lodge Feb 2013

March Kitsap Memorial Bulletin-3-23-2013

April  Mathews Beach to Gasworks Park  Bike Practice ride 4-6-2013 and  April_2013_Bike_Hike_Manchester_State_Park

May camporee_May_2013

June  Survial outing Bulletin 6-2013

July  Lena Lakes Bulletin 7-2013

August LTH Enchantment Valley Olympic Na. Park 

September Lake-Valhalla-Trip-Bulletin-9-2013   (Or Janus lake)  photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5283

October  Anderson Lakes.  anderson-lakes-bulletin (Sept. 2008 version) With possible snow at higher elevations, and possible road closure to Anderson Lakes, the Committee decided to change to a nearby location, on Baker Lake.    Here is the info:    East Baker Lake trail to Noisy Creek Camp.    Nice hike along the lake with views of Mt Baker and surrounding peaks.    This hike starts at the trail head at the northern end of Baker Lake.  Photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5335

November Scenic-Beach-Green-Mountain-11-17-2013  Photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5500

December  Parsons-Bulletin-2013

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  1. Hi Parents and Scouts:
    Aurora District Camporee 2013 results: (From Bill Montgomery)

    1. Troop 166 earned an Honor Troop Award. Many thanks go to Senior Patrol Leader Max Schafer and his assistants Owain James, Wyatt Klepac, and Evin Fairchild!

    2. All patrols finished in the top two thirds of competing patrols with Bulldog and DaMoose winning red ribbons (Second Place) and Hellbender and Rattlesnake winning blue ribbons (First Place).

    3. Hellbender Patrol was one of a small group of patrols that won recognition for winning five bells in the Skill Event Trail competition. To receive a bell, a patrol had to achieve at least 80% of the points available at one of the ten events. Great job Hellbenders and Patrol Leaders Greer Johnson and Zac Sliker!

    4. Rattlesnake Patrol was one of an even smaller group of patrols winning recognition for winning seven bells. Congratulations to Rattlesnake Patrol and its leaders Guide, Ceyel Clark, and temporary Guide, Wyatt Klepac!

    5. The Rattlesnake Patrol was one of only five patrols achieving a Presidential Citation as being best in camp. This is particularly awesome because Rattlesnake is our “new boy” patrol. Their Guide, Ceyel Clark, worked hard and successfully preparing them for the competition. This is also a tribute to the quality of our new recruits. We are proud of you!

    6. Congratulations to Bulldog, DaMoose, and Rattlesnake Patrols for winning First Place in the patrol flag judging competition.

    7. While Troop 166 did not place in the Canoe race, the Relay race, the SPL/Scoutmaster race, or the cooking competition; we did score, however, in the Lost and Found competition by having three times as many Scouts as any other troop called before the closing ceremony to reclaim lost items.

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