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  1. Monte Cristo
    By Troop Historian

    On October 18th the boys of Troop 166 set out on a two day hike to the old mining town of Monte Cristo. Seventeen boys and six adults came along.
    The boys explored the ghost town of Monte Cristo and the old turntable. Unfortunately there were three other troops who were visiting the area and so the boys were short on space. That night they had a campfire and performed skits.
    The SPL said that he had the most fun playing German Spotlight and exploring the ghost town. “Unfortunately we weren’t able to play capture the flag,” he said.

    Addendum: Mike Clark. A perennial favorite hike. Easy level hike. Always check with a ranger as the river crossing is by logs or rocks since the bridge washed out. In the spring, snow covers the area late, so again check with a ranger. Popular with other troops too.

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