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  1. This was an awesome outing! Lake Anderson is by far a better spot for scouts than watson lakes. anderson has a field above the lake perfect for group camping and games. Plus it is not in the wilderness like watson lakes. short easy hike, 2 miles and 500 feet up then 500 feet down.

  2. Anderson Lake Outing
    September 14, 2008

    On Saturday, the Troop met and got all our gear in the car for the outing. We then went on a two-hour car ride to Anderson/Watson lake trailhead. It was a very scenic drive towards the end. As we arrived we took turns at the restroom and put our packs on. It was a beautiful hike, walking through meadows with views of Mount Baker, and it was only two miles. The terrain was hard for many of us because it was our first hike of the season. Once we arrived we were very excited because the campsite was AWSOME! It had a perfect view of Mount Baker, and a small lake and giant cliff in the other side. The camp itself was very large, with plenty of room to set up our tents. Soon we started cooking and preparing our meal kits. My patrol had teriyaki steak, which was good, if a bit chewy. After dinner I couldn’t resist exploring next to a nearby creek, which happened to be perfectly zigzagging, which I thought was interesting. We then had songs and campfire, and then went to the nearby area of woods to play flashlight tag. After that we went to bed. The next day we woke up and made breakfast. After that we packed and began chapel. Chapel was a good service that time with a lot of good songs. We then crossed the stream hiked back and waited in the parking lot for Bill. Bill arrived, and we went home.

    Troop Historian

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