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  1. Gorgeous weather, decent group campsite. Excellent shelter for campfire and chapel. Next time be sure to plan a day hike to Johnston Ridge. If the observatory is closed, there are great trails there. It’s such a shame to go all that way and not get up there for the spectacular views. Nov. 2008 we didn’t get up there 🙁

  2. Seaquest Park
    November 26th 2008
    On Saturday the 15th of November, we, the boys of Boy Scout Troop 166, arrived at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church parking lot. After getting our car assignments, we got underway for the long drive down to Seaquest Park. The plan was for us to do a service project for the park.
    When we arrived at Seaquest Park, we set up camp and met the Ranger who would instruct us on what to do during this service project. He gave us tools and showed us what we should do. The project was to clear away a lot of brush by a trail that had a good view of Mount Saint Helens. The brush that we were to clear away was blocking the view.
    We set to work with our tools and cut down the plants. Some of the adults were lucky enough to get to use chainsaws. We cut down most of the plants on land but as the trial ran by the water there were plants growing three feet off the shore. There were some uncut plants on land that we bent and stood on to get to the other ones out in the water. After we finished, we went back up to camp and, after playing for a few hours, we made dinner. Then there was Campfire, then we played German Spotlight and Junior Commando. Some of us stayed up after midnight, playing cards and talking. The next morning we fixed breakfast and packed up.
    We divided into two groups. One group would go straight back to Seattle, the other would tour the capital then go back. The first group stayed at the campsite and played Capture the Flag. The other group went off to the Mt. St. Helens visitor’s center. When the second group had come back, we all left the campsite. The first group went back to Seattle and the second to the capital and then back home.

    Troop Historian

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