2 thoughts on “January 2009 Fort Flagler”

  1. On Saturday, January the 10th, the boys of Boy Scout Troop 166 departed from the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church parking lot to Fort Flagler. They arrived at the Fort just before lunch and settled into comfortable rooms, which were like dorms. They then ate lunch in the dining room and a Park Ranger told them about the fort and, when it was active.
    After he had finished they walked over to where the old guns that were used in WWI and WWII used to be. There were also old tunnels, that were used to get from one gun to another. They played Capture the Flag there as well as Red Rover. Then they went back to the dorms and played until dinner, which was fixed by the Bulldogs.
    After dinner the Hellbenders cleaned up while the rest of the Troop played cards or Risk or hung out in their rooms. The next day they had breakfast which was fixed by the Woodchucks. After breakfast DaMoose cleaned the dishes while the rest of the Scouts cleaned up the rooms. After chapel they left and headed back to Seattle.
    Alec said that his favorite thing about the trip was “Playing Capture the Flag in the Fort.” Max said that his least favorite thing was “Going home.”

  2. Great Kitchen. Huge grill. Good bunks for sleeping. SPL said next time cook pancakes or french toast for breakfast. The grill can handle the crowd.

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