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  1. Meany Lodge
    By Keith Schendel

    Saturday, the 7th of January 2009, the boys of Troop 166 left the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church parking lot at 8:45 on their way to Meany Lodge. When they arrived they got ready and waited for the snow cat to pick them up.
    First a smaller cat came and they loaded most of their luggage on that. Then the big one arrived and, after loading the rest of the luggage on, the boys squeezed in and headed off on a bumpy ride to the lodge.
    When they arrived they got their beds and, after a troop-meeting, the scouts went outside to ski or snowboard. There were three rope tows. The one at the far end was very short and easy. The one closest to the lodge was longer and about the same speed. The one in the middle was the longest and was at least three times the length of the medium one and a lot faster.
    At twelve thirty they had lunch and then skied or snowboarded or played games in the lodge. After dinner that night some of boys stayed up and played Risk or cards. The next morning they had breakfast, packed up and then skied or snowboarded some more.
    Some of the boys walked out early and others rode in the snow cat. The rest of boys also got towed behind the cat on the way out by long ropes that were thrown behind the cat.

  2. The Scouts of Troop 166 were invited back any time by the staff of Meany lodge. Many of the staff members of Meany lodge commented on how much they enjoyed hosting our troop.

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