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  1. San Juan Island Bike Trip
    By Keith Schendel

    On Saturday the 18th of April, we, the scouts of Troop 166, set out on our 32 mile bike trip around San Juan Island. We arrived at Anacortes and unloaded the bikes and, after waiting around for the ferry for about ten minutes, we biked onto the ferry and put our bikes on the front of the ferry.
    When we arrived at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, we set out and biked 12 miles to Roche Bay where we had lunch. Roche Bay has a resort town that looks exactly like something you would find in the colonial age except for the cars and the modern boats.
    We then continued to San Juan Park where we set up camp. San Juan Park had a visitor’s lodge and a nice campsite with a couple of vending machines and was located right next to the water. We had a campfire with a story told by Bill Montgomery the scoutmaster and then went to bed.
    The next morning we packed up and some of us put eggs in the campfire and watched them explode. Then we had chapel and left for Friday Harbor. There was a point after a few miles where we came out on a stretch that looked towards Vancouver Island and the Straight of Juan De Fuca. It was very sunny and there was a magnificent view.
    When we arrived in Friday Harbor we had lunch while waiting for the ferry. When it arrived we took it back to Anacortes. We were stopped by a customs officer but he let us go through and we drove back to Seattle

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