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  1. The hike to Sunday Lake was canceled. The Ranger said the road was washed out near the Sunday Creek road due to flooding during the winter. So this hike could be done again in the near future (sooner than 7 years). It is a low level hike not in a wilderness area. Always check with the North Bend Ranger Station as this road is subject to washouts.

  2. Lake Serene Replacement for Sunday Lake.
    By Troop166 Historian

    On Saturday the 7th of June 2009, twelve of the boys of Troop 166 accompanied by three adults left the parking lot of the Wedgwood Presbyterian church. We drove up to the parking lot next to the trailhead that went up to Lake Serene. It was originally planned to go somewhere else but the road had been washed out. Those of us who were planning on going on the fifty miler brought our backpacks with us for training. It was seven miles round trip, three and a half up to Lake Serene and three and half back.
    The hike was very steep uphill and in the middle there was a part with a lot of stairs that was extremely hard. After the stairs we came out of the trees by a waterfall and we were surrounded by mist so that you could only see fifteen yards ahead and then it was all grey. The lake, even in the beginning of June, was frozen over with a layer of snow on it. It was drizzling so we put our packs under a tarp to keep them dry. After eating lunch some of us went up to a big rock that was right next to the lake and went down close to the water and threw food in it. After we had finished eating, it was discussed whether we should hike an extra mile and look at a waterfall or not. It was decided to go to the trailhead that led up to the fall and see who wanted to go.
    We left and headed back down the path, which was easier then coming up and when we got to the trailhead leading to the waterfall it was decided by the main group not to go and so we continued on to the parking lot. When we arrived in the parking lot we waited an hour for a couple people who were behind the main group and had gone up to the waterfall thinking that that was where everyone else had gone. After we were all back at the cars we then set out to the place where we were going to spend the night which was at one of the adult’s, Mr. O’Brien’s, campsite.
    It was located right next to a river and when we got there we found places to set up our campsite. There was a lot of dead wood lying around near the river that we used for firewood. After a fire was going we started to cook dinner. The Hellbenders had hotdogs and we cooked them over the fire on a grill that we had found in a shed by our campsite. When all the patrols had eaten dinner some of us gathered around the fire and proceeded to burn live slugs on logs that were sitting on the side of the fire. After we had done this for a little while everyone got together and we had a campfire with each patrol singing a song.
    The next morning we woke up and made breakfast and packed. After that we had chapel which was led by the Woodchucks and Bulldogs. One of the adults who was driving us had left the night before to go back to Seattle, so we had to wait until ten o’clock when Max Schaffer’s mom came to take a few of us home. A special thanks to the drivers, Scott Meden, David O’Brien, Chane Clark and Eileen de Armon.

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