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  1. Goat Lake
    September 14, 2009
    By KS Troop Historian

    On Saturday, September 12, 2009, we, the boys of Troop 166, left the parking lot of the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church at 8 a.m. on our way to Goat Lake. When we arrived at the trail head we split into two groups. Group one was to go first and was to be followed by group two which would be a ways behind.
    When group one arrived at the campsites, we chose one at the edge of the woods that was only separated from the lake by about fifty yards of bushes. After we had secured the camp we went swimming in the lake, which was very cold. As we stood on a log in the lake some people decided it would be a good idea to try and push everyone in which resulted in everyone going back to camp because the water was so cold.
    After the camp had been fully set up we sat around a bit before we made dinner. After the dinner some of us took a big can of peaches that the Hellbenders had brought for dessert and cooked them, along with about 15 marshmallows and some Tang, in the can over a stove. This turned out to make an extremely good can of what tasted like peaches and cream. While this was happening some of the other scouts were fishing in the lake but were unable to catch anything.
    Once it got dark everyone went to bed for the night. The next morning we got breakfast ready and then, after Chapel, the first group, which on the way up had been the second group, left the campsite to go back to the parking lot. The second group stayed and play a couple games of Capture the Flag before they left as well. After everyone had finished we packed up the cars and left for Seattle.

  2. September 12-13, 2009

    Goat lake historian report
    By Brian. F.

    This weekend we went to Goat Lake for a weekend backpacking outing. We left Saturday morning. When we got to the trail head we got ready to go up the trail and split into two groups. My group went first and we took the upper Elliot trail. The other group took the lower Elliot trail. When we got to the camp site we unpacked and ate the rest of our lunch. Then when the other group got to the lake some of us went swimming (that wasn’t me, too cold).When they got back Trevor, Chris, and Stephan went to look for Bill because he was taking a while. When they found him and had gotten back, we started making dinner. My patrol, Da Moose, had clam chowder. After dinner Hellbenders made Ecto – Plasm something made out of marshmallows, peaches, and other stuff.
    On Sunday morning some people had to leave early (including me). So we headed out and got to the place were the trail splits to lower Elliot. But we took upper Elliot because I told Stephan that upper Elliot was smoother and quicker. It was. Once we left the trail head we headed back home.

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