2010 Outings

January: Millersylvania ELC    Millersylvania-1-30-2010.doc

February: Crystal Mtn Snow Camp    Crystal Mtn Snow Camp 2-2010

March: Fort Casey    Fort Casey Trip Bulletin 3-2010

April: One Day pre-Camano bike hike tune-up Bike Tune-up Trip   AND Camano Island Bike Hike   Bike Hike Camano Isl.

May: Camporee!    Camporee_2010_Trip_Bulletin.doc

June: Lake Sammish one day canoe outing   Lake Sammamish Canoe 6-10.doc   AND Wenatchee River Rafting  Wanatchee River Rafting

July: Camp Parsons

August: 2010 Lake Roosevelt Canoe

September: Race for the Cure on Lake Union. Sept. 19, 2010 RFTC Bulletin 091910-2   AND Merrit Lake Backpack   Troop 166 Merritt Lake 09-2010

October: One Day Bike Hike, RT Matthews Beach to St. Edwards Park Toughen up bike hike 10-2010.pdf   AND Bike Hike, Iron Horse Trail, Lake Easton St. Park      Iron_Horse_2010_Bike_Hike.doc

November: Outing to O’Brien Cabin and Barclay Lake   Barclay Lake Nov_2010

December: Camp Parsons Service Project   Camp_Parsons_service_project_2010

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  1. June Rafting Trip: Wonderful outing. Great rafting trip. Blue Sky Outfitters are great! Only one raft got half their occupants launched into the river. The lucky ones!

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