Uniforms and Equipment


New scouts can expect to spend in the vicinity of $100 on a uniform. A standard, “class A” uniform is required at many Scout functions, including all Troop meetings, Camporee, Summer Camp, and a few others. A Class A uniform consists of BSA sox, shorts or pants, a belt, a shirt, proper insignia, a neckerchief, and a neckerchief slide. These can be purchased at the Scout shop on Rainier Avenue South. The Troop provides the neckerchief.

We have a uniform exchange which particularly benefits the younger scouts.  Please contact Krista Holland at k.holland520  < @yahoo.com >
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Backpacks, boots, and other miscellaneous camping gear cost money. Depending on a family’s budget, you can spend a little or a lot on clothing and gear.  Patrols who receive the most points in a quarter are given $50 to spend on Patrol gear- cooking pots, stoves, … .  You don’t need to buy one of everything.  Some Patrol members will have tents, others tarps, others cooking pots or stoves.    Patrols are good at figuring this out.  Your Scout will need outdoor clothing.  Rain gear, boots, jacket, polypropylene long underwear,… .   A warm synthetic sleeping bag (+15 Degrees F.) is better for the Scouts than down in this climate.

Your Scout will need an overnight frame style backpack and a day pack too.

There are many sources for used or inexpensive gear in the Seattle area and on-line.  Most families acquire the basics for a few hundred dollars and then add to it over the years. If you buy good equipment, it will last a long time. Some of our “older” scouts – in their 50’s and 60’s and 70’s are still using gear they acquired when they were in their teens.  Speak with Troop members regarding equipment deals they have found.

After the initial purchase, the Troop pays for all rank, office, and advancement insignia such as merit badges and participation segments. You pay for any Scout Handbooks for your son, and any merit badge books or other materials that the Troop Library doesn’t already have.

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