Other Commitments

Scout Troops run on volunteer labor. The boys do as much as they are able and the adults coach and help where they are needed. We are always in need of sponsors, drivers, and participants for outings, mentors for positions of responsibility, committee heads for fund raising, newsletters, etc. There are all important positions of Troop Committee Chair, Recruiting, Outdoor Activity Planning, Treasurer, etc.

In short, if your son wants to be a Boy Scout, you have to want him to be one too, and your commitment and participation is as important as his. The Troop needs your help to be able to put the energy into him that he deserves. If you don’t volunteer, we’ll ask!

Boys without parental support in Scouting have a tough time making it all the way through to Eagle. Plan on being a cheer leader, spirit-bucker-upper, chauffeur, and participant in outings and all sorts of other activities. Advancement through the ranks and attendance at Camp and on outings are the things that keep kids coming back. Be prepared to do your part to make sure your boy advances and attends.

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