Outing List Archive

Outings from the Outing List page older than 7 years are placed here.


January: Stevens Pass  Stevens Pass Snow Caves Outing 2014  Photographs https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5647

February: Fort Flagler  fort_flagler-02-08-2014

March: Kanaskat Palmer  Kanaskat_Palmer_March_2014

April: Camano Island  practice ride April 5 2014    Bike Camano Island 2014

May:  Camporee 2014

June: Practice Canoe outing Jarrel Cove   2014_jarrellcove__st_park   Photographs,  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5747


August:  Camp Parsons and  Lake Roosevelt Long Term Canoe

September: Parke Butte,  Park_Butte_Trail_September_2014

October: Iron Horse bike,    iron_horse_bike_ride_2014

November: Fort Worden,  Fort_Worden_11-15-2014

December: Camp Parsons  Camp_Parsons_December_2014


January Deception Pass Outing January 2013

February Meany Lodge Feb 2013

March Kitsap Memorial Bulletin-3-23-2013

April  Mathews Beach to Gasworks Park  Bike Practice ride 4-6-2013 and  April_2013_Bike_Hike_Manchester_State_Park

May camporee_May_2013

June  Survial outing Bulletin 6-2013

July  Lena Lakes Bulletin 7-2013

August LTH Enchantment Valley Olympic Na. Park 

September Lake-Valhalla-Trip-Bulletin-9-2013   (Or Janus lake)  photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5283

October  Anderson Lakes.  anderson-lakes-bulletin (Sept. 2008 version) With possible snow at higher elevations, and possible road closure to Anderson Lakes, the Committee decided to change to a nearby location, on Baker Lake.    Here is the info:    East Baker Lake trail to Noisy Creek Camp.    Nice hike along the lake with views of Mt Baker and surrounding peaks.    This hike starts at the trail head at the northern end of Baker Lake.  Photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5335

November Scenic-Beach-Green-Mountain-11-17-2013  Photographs  https://troop166.shutterfly.com/pictures/5500

December  Parsons-Bulletin-2013


January Pack Forest.  Pack Forest Center Bulletin Jan-2012   Pack Forest Photos

February: Stevens Pass snow cave  Stevens Pass Snow Caves Outing    Snow shelters manual   Snow Cave Photos

March: Kayak Point,   Outing – Kayak Pointy County Park    Historian’s report  KAYAK POINT Historian report  Kayak Point Photos

April: Fay Bainbridge bike   Fay Bainbridge Bike Camp 4-2012     Bike Route.pdf    Historian’s Report  The Bike Hike At BAMBRIDGE historians report

May: Camporee  camporee bulletin 2012   Camporee Photos

June: Wenberg park Canoe Wenberg Canoe Outing June 2-3 2012   Wenberg Photos AND   Wanatchee-River-Rafting 2012   Rafting Photos

July  Camp Parsons.  Photos

August: Lake Roosevelt  Lake Roosevelt Canoe   Canoe Photos

September: Lake Valhalla backpack,  Lake Valhalla Trip Bulletin 9-2012   This hike was changed to Baker Lake as there was too much smoke from forest fires.  Therefore it is eligible for use within the 7 year rotation period.

October: Cooper Lake  Cooper Lake Bulletin 10_20_12 b

November: Rasar St. Park  Rasar Park Bulletin 11-10-2012

December: Camp Parsons Parsons Service Bulletin 2012


January: Mountaineers Mount Baker Lodge   Mt Baker Lodge Jan 2011

“Mount Baker Lodge outing: The skiers and Snowboarders thought this was a better lodge than Meany lodge. “Awesome” was used a lot to describe the outing.”

February: Ramblewood ELC    Ramblewood Trip Bulletin

March: Birch Bay State Park    Birch_Bay_State_Park_3_2011

April: Larrabee State Park    Larrabee_State_Park

May:  Camporee

June: Dungeness River, Camp Handy   AND   Lewis River    Dungeness River bulletin June 2011 Lewis River Bulletin 6_2011

July:  Camp Parsons of course!   Parsons photos   Off to Parsons photos

August: Pioneer Post  Pioneer Post-2011  AND Paseyten Wilderness Backpack LTH  Group 2 50 Miler Photos   Group 1 50 Miler Photos   More 50 miler photos

September:  Glacier Peak

October: Snow Lakes Snoqualmie pass   snow Lake Bulletin 10_2011   Snow Lake photos

November: Fort Ebey State Park   Fort-Ebey-Trip-Bulletin-11-2011

December:  Camp Parsons Service Project.  (See other years for bulletin to copy)


January: Millersylvania ELC    Millersylvania-1-30-2010.doc

February: Crystal Mtn Snow Camp    Crystal Mtn Snow Camp 2-2010

March: Fort Casey    Fort Casey Trip Bulletin 3-2010

April: One Day pre-Camano bike hike tune-up Bike Tune-up Trip   AND Camano Island Bike Hike   Bike Hike Camano Isl.

May: Camporee!    Camporee_2010_Trip_Bulletin.doc

June: Lake Sammish one day canoe outing   Lake Sammamish Canoe 6-10.doc   AND Wenatchee River Rafting  Wanatchee River Rafting

July: Camp Parsons

August: 2010 Lake Roosevelt Canoe

September: Race for the Cure on Lake Union. Sept. 19, 2010 RFTC Bulletin 091910-2   AND Merrit Lake Backpack   Troop 166 Merritt Lake 09-2010

October: One Day Bike Hike, RT Matthews Beach to St. Edwards Park Toughen up bike hike 10-2010.pdf   AND Bike Hike, Iron Horse Trail, Lake Easton St. Park      Iron_Horse_2010_Bike_Hike.doc

November: Outing to O’Brien Cabin and Barclay Lake   Barclay Lake Nov_2010

December: Camp Parsons Service Project   Camp_Parsons_service_project_2010


January: Fort Flagler Fort_Flagler_01_2009.doc

February: Meany Lodge meany-lodge-bulletin-2-7-2009.pdf

March: Kanaskat-Palmer St. Park kanaskat-palmer-st-park.doc

April: San Juan Isl. Bike Hike san_juan_island_bike_hike.doc

May: Camporee 2009_camporee_bulletin.doc

June: Sunday Lake Backpack and Lake Roesinger canoe sunday-lake-6-6-2009.doc and lake-roesiger-09-06-26.doc

August: Diablo Lake to Cascade Pass Backpack LTH 2009_LTH_Diablo_to_Cascade_Pass

September: Goat Lake Goat_Lake_09_2009.doc

October: Elwha River Humes Ranch Humes Ranch Elwha River

November: Rainbow Falls State Park RAINBOW_FALLS_BULLETIN.doc

December: The annual Camp Parsons Service Project Camp_Parsons_service_project_2009


January: Camp Coronet Bay ELC coronet-bay-elc.doc

February: Penrose Point

March: (Cancelled) Bolder River Trail back pack hike boulder-river-trail.doc

March: Snow camping Stevens Pass stevens_pass_snow_camp.doc

April: Bike Hike tune up burke_gillman_bike_trip_tune_up_ride.doc

April: Discovery Trail Bike Hike discovery-trail-bike-hike.doc

May: Camporee 2008-camporee-bulletin.doc

June: Lake Kapowsin

August: Desolation Sound LTH Desolation Sound Bulletin and Desolation Sound post trip comments and lessons learned

September: Anderson Lakes anderson-lakes-bulletin

October: Monte Cristo monte-cristo-outing-bulletin-permission-form

November: Seaquest State Park Seaquest State Park Bulletin

December: 2008 Camp Parsons Service camp_parsons_service_2008.doc


March: Dungeness River Back Pack Dungeness River Back Pack.pdf

June: Centenial Trail Bike Hike Centenial Trail Bike Hike

June: New boy hike to Lake Ozzette and Olympic National Park Seacoast lake ozzette

August: BackPack hike Olympic Na. Forest 2007-LTH-Olympic-Bulliten.doc

September: Colchuck Lake Colchuck LakeColchuck Lake-9-2007

October: Heather Lake Heather Lake near Verlot</a


February: Meany Lodge meany-lodge-bulletin.doc

March: Racehorse Creek fossil hunting, Raser State Park Racehource Creek Raser St. Park

April: Greywolf River Backpack Greywolf River Backpack>/a>

August: Bowron Lakes Bowron Lakes Bulletin

October: Peshastin Pinnacles Wenatchee Confluence State Park Peshastin Pinnacles Wenatchee Confluence-2

November: Fort Warden State Park Fort Warden State Park

November: Scenic Beach State Park Scenic beach


April: Lena Lake Olympic Na Forest Lena Lake BULLETIN

June: Wahtum lake to Eagle Creek Oregon Eagle Creek Bulletin

October: Olympic Hot Springs Elwha Campground Olympic Hot Springs BULLETIN

November: Cedar River Bike Hike Cedar River Bike Hike