Outing List

Lists outings from the past 7 years.


January Outing: Olympia Urban Hike

February Outing: Stevens Pass Snow Camping

March Outing: Ancient Lakes Backpacking April Outing: Grand Coulee Dam Tour

May Outing: Aviation Day

May Outing: Camporee


January Outing: Suncadia Snowshoeing

February Outing: St. Edwards Park Orienteering

March Outing: Kayak Point Camping

April Outing: Fire Mountain Camporee

May Outing: Snoqualmie

June Outing: Alder Lake Canoeing

July Outing: Sea Base

July Outing: Camp Parsons

August Outing: 50 Miler Canoeing

August Outing: Pioneer Post

September Outing: Potholes State Park Camping

October Outing: Rainbow Falls Camping

November Outing: Fort Casey Camping and Exploration

December Outing: Camp Parsons Service Outing


January Outing: Vancouver BC Urban Exploration

February Outing: Mt. Rainier Snow Camping

October Outing: Game Farm Wilderness Camping

November Outing: Wallace Falls Hike

December Outing: Camano Island Camping


January Outing: Kanaskat Hullabaloo 01_Kanaskat_Hullabaloo_2019-01-12

February Outing: Trollhaugen cancelled

March Outing: Trollhaugen 03_TROOP 166 TRIP BULLETIN Trollhaugen_march_2019

April Outing: Dash Point State Park 04_DashPointStatePark_Apr_2019

May Outing: Camporee

June Outing: Wenatchee River Rafting Car Camping 06_JuneRiverRaftingCarCamping166Bulletin


January Outing: Kitsap Memorial State Park 01_TROOP 166 TRIP BULLETIN Kitsap Memorial State Park January 20-2

February Outing: Stevens Pass Snow Camping 02_Stevens-Pass-Snow-Camping_Feb_2018

March Outing: Tolt MacDonald Park 03_Tolt MacDonald Park – Troop 166 Outing 03-2018

April Outing: USS Turner Joy Outing 04_USS Turner Joy – Troop 166 Outing on 4.21

May Outing: Camporee 05_Camporee_2018_Ensign_Ranch_Trip_Bulletin_20180507

May Outing: Practice Bike Ride 05_practice-ride-May-2018

May Outing: Victoria Bike Hike 05_2018 May Victoria Bike Hike Scout 166 Outing

June Outing: Lena Lake Backpacking 06_Lena Lake Backpacking – Troop 166 Outing June_2018

July Outing: Canoe Practice Outing 07_Canoe-practice-Outing-July2018

August Outing: New Boy Outing 08_New_Boy_Outing_Pioneer_Post_Aug_2018

September Outing: Park Butte Trail 09_Park Butte Trail September 2018

October Outing: North Cascades Overnight 10_October 2018 Car Camping North Cascades Overnight – Troop 166 Outing

November Outing: Deception Pass 11_Deception_Pass_11-17-2018

December Outing: Camp Parsons Service Project 12_Camp_Parsons_December_2018r


January Outing: Portland Urban Hike Portland-Urban-Hike-Jan_2017

February Outing: Trollhaugen Trollhaugen_Feb_2017

March Outing: Larrabee State Park Larrabee_State_Park_March_2017

April Outing: Salt Creek Bike Hike Salt_Creek_bike_hike_April_2017

May Outing: Camporee Ensign Ranch Camporee May 2017 Bulletin

June Outing: Ape Caves Ape Cave June 2017

August Outing: New Boy Outing Pioneer Post Bulletin Aug 2017

September Outing: Black Island Blake_Island_Sept_2017

October Outing: Shoot Sports Weekend Shooting_Sports_Weekend_Oct_2017

November Outing: Wild Horses Wind Farm Outing Wild_Horses_Wind_Farm_Nov_2017

December Outing: Camp Parsons Service Project Camp_Parsons_Dec_2017_final


February Outing: 2-Snoqualmie-Snow-Outing-2016 January Outing: 1-Camp_Casey_Trip_Bulletin_Jan_2016

March Outing: 3-Millersylvania SP Bulletin 3-2016

April Outing: Dungeness_Spit_Outing_16-04-23.doc

May Outing: Camporee Outing May 2016 Camporee_Bulletin_New_Format_2016_05_02.pdf

June Outing: Jarrell Cove State Park Outing jarrellcove_scouts_june_2016.doc

July Outing: Marmot Pass Outing MarmotPassJuly29th-OUTING.pdf

August Outing: 2016_August_Long_Term_Outing_Canoe_Trip

September Outing: Merit Lake Outing Merritt_Lake_16-09-24.doc

October Outing: Steamboat Rock State Park Outing Steamboat-Rock-State-Park-Scout-166-OutingR_10-2016.doc

November Outing: Jim Creek Outing Jim-Creek-Troop-166-Outing-11-2016.doc

December Outing: Camp Parsons 2016 Service Project Outing Camp_Parsons_December_2015r.doc


January Outing: Penrose Point Penrose_Point_State_Park_Jan_2015

February Outing: Mount Baker Lodge  Mt_Baker_Lodge_Trip_Bulletin_Feb_2015

March Outing: Urban Adventure  Camp_Long_campout_2-23-15

April Outing:  San Juan County Park  San_Juan_County_Park_Outing_April_2015

May Outing: Camporee 2015 Camporee_Bulletin_May_15-17_2015

June Outing: Wenatchee River Rafting Wanatchee_River_Rafting_June_2015

July Outing: Navajo Pass Overnight Backpacking Outing Navajo_Pass_Outing_July_2015

August Outing: New Boy Outing New_Boy_Outing_Pioneer_Post_Aug_2015

August Outing: LTH 50 Mile Hike in Pasayten Wilderness 2015_LTH_50_Mile_Hike_Pasayten_Wilderness_Bulletin

September Outing: Anderson Lake Outing Anderson_Lake_Outing_Sept_2015

October Outing: Lopez Island Bike Hike Lopez_Bike_Hike_October_2015

November Outing: Deception Pass Outing Deception_Pass_11-14-2015

December Outing: Camp Parsons Service Project Camp_Parsons_December_2015r