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2019 Camporee results:

– by Joe S.
  • 3 Presidential Awards, all patrols won First Place blue ribbon awards!
  • 1153—Damoose Patrol: Presidential Award

  • 1109—Yackalo Patrol:  Presidential Award

  • 1073—Whippoorwill Patrol Presidential Award

  • 1059—Blue Dragon Patrol: Blue Ribbon First Place

  • 1029—Hellbender Patrol: First Place Blue Ribbon

Trollhaugen Lodge Snow Outing February 11-12, 2017

– by Eugie

Trollhaguen was a very snowy outing. When we arrived at Trollhaguen we first had to hike on a snowy trail along with some cross country skiers, which we did later. Once we got to the bunks, we ate lunch, and the continued on to our activities. There were a lot a activities, such as snow shoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, and just having fun in the snow. All of these activities were super fun. For dinner some scouts who were taking the cooking merit badge, made dinner& breakfast. Then we were woken up and sadly had to pack up from that great trip. Over all it was a fantastic trip.

2016 Troop 166 50 mile canoe outing

– by Joe S.

On Sunday, August 21st, Troop 166 departed Seattle for Eugene, Oregon to paddle the Willamette River Canoe Trail. The Troop returned to Seattle on Saturday August 27th . The trip ended a day earlier than

originally planned after the troop had already paddled over 60 miles. The original destination of Salem would have required an extra 20 miles of paddling.

The weather

The weather was pretty sunny, hot and it did not rain. The hot weather and being on the water attracted a lot of mosquitos.

Favorite activities

Our Favorite activites were Going swimming and stopping in Corvalis to go to Dairy King and Safeway.

We liked going to Dairy King because for the past few days we were eating packaged food.

Worst part

Swamping, swamping is when water gets in your canoe and causes your canoe to sink. When you swamp you need to take your canoe to shore to dump the water out.


We ate Mountain house oatmeal and crackers. We ate Mountain house oatmeal and crackers because it was difficult to cook on this trip.


We stayed at campsites along the river. We canoed from campsite to campsite every day.


A few people swamped during the trip.

Animals seen

We didn’t see any animals but we saw a lot of birds.

Camp Parsons July 10-16, 2016

– by Joe S.

On a Sunday morning, July 10th at 11:00am Troop 166 left for Camp Parsons. We arrived around 2:00pm.  The travel time was much longer than usual due to a closure of the Hood Canal Bridge.  

When we got there we dropped our stuff off at our campsite and then we took a tour and the swim test in the cold water. When we got back to the campsite we got ready for dinner.

After dinner we went to vespers, had a beach orientation, and signed up for merit badges. Later that night, we went to opening campfire. When we got back from opening campfire we went to bed.  

On Monday morning we ate breakfast and went to our merit badge classes. In the afternoon we went to the rifle range and played field games with Troop 80. On Monday night there was a music fest and then we went to bed.

The next few days were pretty similar. At the end of the canoe swamp   when we were bringing our canoes in we heard some of the Cuttlefish singing the Beatles classic,  “We all live in a yellow submarine” under their swamped canoe.

On Friday we got second place in the relay race and finished first in the Octopus Cup by a wide margin.

On Friday evening,  we were about to leave for closing campfire Prahlad was injured in a fall down the stairs from his cabin and had to be taken to the hospital.  Fortunately he’s on the mend and feeling much better.

In the closing ceremonies Troop 166 won a lot of awards.  For the honor troop award, we were runner up to Troop 80.

Beginning of Summer Picnic, June 27, 2016

– by Joe S.

On June 27, 2016, troop 166 had our annual picnic at Ravenna Park. It was our last meeting

before Camp Parsons. We signed up for merit badges with Ed Millman. We ate hot dogs and cheese burgers. We ate

chips and drank soda. We played capture the flag and red rover. When we played capture the flag we used real flags

and one team tried putting their flag in a tree. At the end of the meeting we sung the troop song.

Anderson Lake Outing 091308

Desolation Sound Canoe Trip

Camp Parson 0708